Gautam Biswas

Gautam Biswas, from Mumbai continued to pursue his passion and profession in Photography. Gautam has excelled in Fashion Designing Diploma from International Institute of Fashion Designing (INIFD) & has 12 years of Working experience with different MNC. Gautam from begin focused on his love for photography and backseated his other achievements in various other sector.

Gautam has worthwhile experience in photography more than decade. He has a very dynamic vision and creative eye to capture the moments in the camera. Gautam has executed multiple beautifully pictured projects in his career.

Young, Dynamic, Professional & most important his love for photography has remarked him abundant fame in his field. Gautam, until now has earned lot of appreciation from his clients for his polite nature and his skilled photography.

Sumita Das

Alike Gautam, Sumita Das also focused on Photography to follow the successful career with her other half Gautam Biswas. Sumita Started following her passion into profession leaving behind her 10 years of experience in MNCs.

Unlike Gautam, Sumita has her own creative ideas, and together they create a wonder in capturing the moments and emotions of their clients. Sumita has a tremendous knowledge in all technical effects and details of photography. She has set her complete intellect and creative ideas into this profession.